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Blackjack Beginners Should Employ
Risk Management In Their
BJ Tournaments Strategy

Beginning blackjack players should follow the specific BJ tournaments strategy of risk management. Actually, every player who expects to win should follow this BJ tournaments strategy.

While some players will employ a completely conservative BJ tournaments strategy and bet only the minimum bet, this BJ tournaments strategy wonít get you very far and thatís why serious blackjack tournament players donít play this way.

The strategy of risk management is one that could be qualified as a conservative-aggressive BJ tournaments strategy. This strategy does not employ the minimum bets, but rather the medium-sized bets.

Players involved in the risk management BJ tournaments strategy will place large or maximum bets only when doing so allows them to take the lead over the current table leader.

The key is in knowing when to choose your battles.

By choosing when you will use the maximum bet, and doing so carefully, you have the ability to gain the advantage by using the element of surprise.

Usually choosing a mid-round hand is the opportune time to use the large bets.

This BJ tournaments strategy will allow you time to see how the others at the table are betting.

It also allows you to take the lead by betting enough to overtake the table leader but not so much that you put yourself at risk of losing all of your chips.

Utilizing the middle round time also allows you to calculate exactly the number of chips needed to take the lead.

When the time comes that you feel you must take that risk and place the maximum bet, gauge the amount you will bet based on the number of chips you have in front of you.

It may be that the time has come to go all in, rather than to only bet a portion of your available bet.

If you have a bare minimum of chips left should you lose Ė I would say less than seventy-five chips Ė then the best course of action is going to be all in.

Since the outcome, if you lose the bet, is that you are basically dead in the water, take the necessary risk and go all in.

Itís better to be out completely rather than just barely alive.

This BlackJack tournament strategy is, again, a course in picking your battles carefully as there are no second chances in tournament play. You cannot buy more chips in the middle of the game.

Going all in does have its drawbacks though. For instance, you cannot split, but itís better to take the chance than to hope for a good double hand, especially if you are in a situation where itís all in or barely alive.

Once you have the lead, maintain the risk management BJ tournaments strategy.

You may experience ups and downs but over the long haul you can come out the victor.

With a sound BJ tournaments strategy of risk management, even a beginner can win and surprise the pros.


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