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Some Doís and Doníts for Beginner Multiplayer BJ Enthusiasts

I was really surprised at how well I did with my first multiplayer blackjack experience. After just one tournament I have come up with a few doís and doníts for the beginner blackjack enthusiast.

First, the doníts. There are four of them.

Donít bet too small.
Multiplayer blackjack is all about you and the other players. Itís not about the dealer. Beat him for the money but understand that to win the tournament you have to win more money than the other players. You canít do that if you are conservative.

Donít rely on luck.
There is a skill to playing multiplayer blackjack. To be sure, there is a luck factor just as in traditional blackjack, but if you rely on luck alone you will lose. Learn the successful strategies of professional players and stick to them. They are security.

Donít bet too big.
Just as with lack of confidence, overconfidence can be a killer Ė especially with multiplayer BJ. This is a sure way to the poor house. Trust me. In my first experience, I played aggressive for the first few rounds and lost too much money. When I got my bearings on straight I did well but the damage was already done. Donít make that mistake.

Donít follow, lead.
This is a big mistake a lot of beginners make, both in traditional blackjack and multiplayer blackjack. Donít bet big just because everyone else does. You have to play the cards. Learn the charts and do the smart thing. Then bet accordingly.

Now, the doís:

Do take risks.
Youíll never win at multiplayer BJ if you donít take a few calculated risks. Donít be stupid, but every now and then Ė when the cards say itís OK and when you feel the music Ė take a risk. Itís the only way to ensure you take the lead.

Do place big bets.
Big bets win. No doubt about it. You are playing against the other players, not the house. Multiplayer action is a bigger challenge because the object is to walk away from the table with more chips. You canít do that with small bets.

Do be consistent, but not predictable.
Pick an amount and make that your average bet. Adjust off of that. Place bigger bets when itís smart to do so and smaller ones when prudence dictates. Above all, keep the other players in your multiplayer tournament guessing. You donít want them trumping you because they know how youíll bet. Thatís not good.

I didnít win my first multiplayer tournament, but I didnít do too bad. Came in third place. Thatís better than most beginners. I did learn a few things though. And Iím willing to share. Follow these guidelines and youíll well in multiplayer BJT. In my next tournament, I expect to do a lot better. See you at the table.


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