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Land-based casinos also host
blackjack tournaments

If you are looking for a land-based casino for your next multiplayer blackjack tournament you have lots of options. Land-based casinos have offered these tournaments since the early 1980s when blackjack legends such as Stanford Wong worked the circuit.

Land-based casinos are great places to practice before entering online blackjack tournaments, which tend to be faster paced and more exciting. Land-based casinos are not boring places to be, but they are training grounds for bigger and better tournaments. Of course, if you are a beginning blackjack player then you should stay away from the land-based casinos until you have practiced on your own.

Land-based casinos are excellent places to play in blackjack tournaments because of the energy in the casino. Casinos have all sorts of games going on at the same time so there is a level of intensity during peak times of play. But they can be distracting, so be careful.

The Las Vegas Hilton hosts the most well-known blackjack tournament among land-based casinos. The Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament is now in its fourth year and offers huge prizes for the winner. Other great land-based casinos to play blackjack tournaments in Vegas include Stardust, New Frontier, Fitzgerald’s and Imperial Palace.

Golden Nugget in Laughlin, Nevada hosted a blackjack tournament in June 2006. The final round featured 30 hands and presented a $10,000 grand prize. Other land-based casino blackjack tournaments have offered bigger prizes, but the betting at Golden Nugget was limited to between $10 and $500.

The winner of the Niagara Falls land-based casino tournament in Niagara Falls, Ontario, back in March 2006, won $125,000 in Canadian dollars. The final round featured 21 hands and the betting limits were much higher than at the Golden Nugget. The Niagara Falls tournament is an annual tournament called Masters of Blackjack.

Balley’s Tunica in Robinsonville, Mississippi, is a great land-based casino to play in as well. They offer pretty decent prizes and the betting limits aren’t too restrictive. They’re actually pretty broad for a land-based casino tournament.

While there are casinos all over the United States, most particularly in hot spots like Nevada, Miami, Florida, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, land-based casino blackjack tournaments are not restricted to just the North American continent. Land-based casinos all over the world offer blackjack tournaments on a regular basis.

France and Russia are both very popular destinations for land-based casino gambling junkies. Gamblers in the UK have the added benefit of not being taxed on their winnings. Of the top 10 cities in the world known for their land-based casinos, eight of them are outside of the US. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, London, and Panama City top the list of world famous land-based casinos.

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